Dukan Diet Chicken & Mushrooms with Asparagus

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OK, so a few months ago I was eating really bad. So, so bad. Nick and I were both working stupid hours and grabbing whatever greasy fast food was most convenient. Every. Single. Meal. For weeks. Not only did I gain a significant amount of pounds, but I started having serious stomach issues than made a summer trip to Mexico for my brother’s wedding a very unpleasant experience (and endless jokes of Didn’t they tell you not to drink the water?). 

So now I’m trying to get healthy again by eating a little better. But only a little. Cause you know, life is short. Ok, now on to the recipe review.


The instructions were pretty basic and easy to follow. I used whole fresh asparagus, not just the head (that’s what she said?). I also didn’t have any parsley, so I left it out. I’m sure it wouldn’t have made a difference. The only thing I would change about this recipe is a pro tip that Nick taught me early in my cooking lessons: always season your vegetables. Every time you put a new veggie in the pan, season it with a little salt and pepper. Trust me, it makes the flavor sooo much better. Not that it made a whole lot of difference this time.


Nick ate seconds, but he likes to be gentle on me and was probably just being nice. I was not impressed with this meal at all. Typically I love lemon – lemon asparagus is amazing. Lemon chicken is awesome. Lemon mushrooms? Not so much. Something about the flavor did not mix well. This dish was definitely not the scrumptious savory meal I was envisioning. Beside the juxtaposed mushrooms, it was just… boring. Lackluster. But it was definitely edible, so at least I had that going for me.


There are a few redeeming qualities to this recipe: it’s simple and super quick to whip up. We’re talking preparation to plate in 15 minutes. Normally chicken intimidates me – I always get nervous and overcook it. But cutting into chunks is so easy and quick to cook that I didn’t have any issues turning out moist, delicious chicken. Except they were covered in lemony mushrooms. Yuck. Give it a try if you’ve got extra chicken breasts and are feeling like taking a risk. I probably won’t make it again. There are better Pins to test!