Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken

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Let’s read that again. Double. Crunch. Honey. Garlic. Chicken. And that photo – my god. I can almost feel my endorphin levels rising. I’m not going to waste any more time. Read my review then go make this RIGHT NOW.


This pin takes a recipe from one that uses pork, but just ignore that (it calls for 6 pork chops – ignore that too). Just worry about making the crunchy coating and that delicious, sweet, savory sauce. I only prepared two chicken breasts, but I still made the flour dredge according to the recipe. I don’t mind saving what’s left over for when I make this every single day for the rest of my life.

Oh and I didn’t have any sage or nutmeg. Or cayenne. So if you follow the recipe exactly yours might be even more delicious.



Seriously though. The chicken was perfectly crunchy and still moist on the inside. I’m always impressed when I cook chicken right. I’ve had a bad track record. It helped that the instructions included actual minutes I should wait before turning. That really helped.

Let me also just take a moment to say that honey garlic sauce is the bomb (sorry, I’m a 90s kid). I only had a tiny bit of soy sauce, so I had to add water to have enough. I think it made my sauce turn out sweeter than intended, not that I’m complaining. So if you’re looking for something a little less on the sweet side, add more soy.


The only part where I second-guessed myself was finding the perfect time to put the chicken in the oil to fry. Pro tip: before you put your chicken in the oil to try, drop a little of that flour dredge in there. Is it sizzling? Good, it’s hot enough. If it’s not, give it a moment or two and try again. You want that chicken to crisp up, but not burn, so babysit it once you start frying! Testing it worked out great for me, so I’m feeling much better about making this again. And again. And again…